This is the 1st anniversary of JAPOKANI GAKUSHŪCHŌ !!! Thank you everyone !!!!

I'm gonna introduce "HINAMATSURI" today.

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Ah but, I forgot something at the last time. I talked about SETSUBUN and EHOU-MAKI at the last episode but I didn't write anything on this blog about it. Even though I shot photos to show you.
This is "Seafood Ehou-maki". So there are some seafood ingredients inside like shrimp and crab.
Ehou-maki is a thick "Makizushi".
巻き = Maki (roll)
寿司 = Sushi or Zushi
When we eat normal Makizushi, we can cut it with a knife and use chopsticks. But there is a special custom to eat Ehou-Maki. Don't cut it and eat it directly holding by your hands (like hot dog). It's custom to gather happiness. And you shouldn't talk anything while eating it but just imaging your dreams and wishes.

Then, let's see HINAMATSURI !

雛祭り = Hinamatsuri (the Feast of Dolls)
Hinamatsuri on Wikipedia English / French

Hinamatsuri is one of 節句(SEKKU). It's a special day under the Japanese calendar

January 7 is 七草の節句(NANAKUSA no SEKKU)
March 3 is 桃の節句(MOMO no SEKKU). This is Hinamatsuri.
May 5 is 端午の節句(TANGO no SEKKU) I introduced Koinobori before.
July 7 is 七夕(TANABATA)
September 9 is 菊の節句(KIKU no SEKKU)

These 5 days are the turning point of the season. So old Japanese people made this memorial day and ate special menu and display dolls. In Hinamatsuri, we display Hina-ningyou. (And there is other doll for May 5)

A doll displayed at the Girls' Festival,hina-ningyo,katori-city,japan.jpg
"A doll displayed at the Girls' Festival,hina-ningyo,katori-city,japan"
by katorisi - 投稿者自身による作品. Licensed under CC 表示 3.0 via ウィキメディア・コモンズ.

There is a newer culture for Hina-ningyou. I mean Hina-ningyou is traditional but recently there are some "character's" Hina-ningyou too. It's called "Kawari-bina". For instance "ANPANMAN Hina-ningyou". Originally Hina-ningyou's couple means The Emperor and the empress of Japan. But Hinamatsuri is event for kids. So some companies began to make Newer Hina-ningyou as character products.

I sang "うれしいひなまつり" in my video for this episode.
うれしい = URESII (happy)
This is the original.

The song was composed in 1935 !! So old. And now this is a song for kids. So we learn this song when we're kids. We all know this song. But as you feel, this song has dark melody actually. Even though the lyrics are bright (probably). So, this time, I asked SHINDEHAI arrange this to make it brighter than the original ! I suggested SKA arrangement and he did it in just 25 minutes !! XD
Download mp3

And I show you special sweets for Hinamatsuri here.


ARARE is fried sweet rice. And Hina-arare is colored with pastel pink, yellow, and green. This is happy color for Hinamatsuri. White, pink, yellow, green ! This is sweet snack. And we find some soybeans while eating.

Okoshi is dried sweet rice.
As you see, it also has pink, yellow, green color.


Always "red and white" is happy color for Japanese ! So this MOCHI is colored a bit. (It uses organic food color, so the color is light)

Mochi is soft and elastic. And this was sweet ! (Normally Mochi doesn't taste so sweet. This Mochi was made using sugar especially)

There are many events in March. It's not traditional but March 14 is "White day". I think you've already know the strange custom of Valentine's day in Japan ! Valentine's day is the special day that girls can confess their love sending chocolate to boys. Yes, I know that there are some strange points.
At first, why is it special to confess live from girls ? Because women didn't have various RIGHTS in old Japan. I mean women can't choose their husband. Women are always people who are chosen ! Or her parents select her husband and she had to follow the decision. Of course this is changing. We don't know who started the custom of chocolate sending at all. There are some opinions. Anyway a sweets company or department shop started campaign of chocolate for Valentine's day, then they recommend girls to send chocolate to boys to confess their love in 1970s. This succeeded as "selling chocolate". And Japanese women's mind also changed. They started to think that they can speak about their own opinion. I think the timing was match by chance. I mean when some sweets company suggested the custom, women's rights campaign was also performed at the same time. In 1980, Japanese candy association started "White day". They recommended boys to resend candies to girls who sent chocolate him at Valentine's day. And answer her confession of love. So...white day is also a strategy to sell many confections !!!!!!
So these events are not romantic in fact, but there is something funny. Please look at this.


There are photos of 531 character chocolate bars !!! Otaku Girls made these and uploaded the photos on twitter. These are all chocolate bar. They draw illustration on chocolate. And they send it nobody, just eat. Otherwise send their Otaku friend or author of the Manga (to send the character himself !).

In Japanese Chocolate bar is called 板チョコ(ITA CHOKO).
板 = ITA (bar)
チョコ = CHOKO (chocolate)

And do you know 痛アイテム(ITA item)? It means something (gadgets or cars) which some character illustration is drawn. Try to search "痛車" on Google. 痛車(ITASHA) is a car that i painted or coated with a seal of Anime, Manga characters.

So the character's chocolate is called "痛チョコ(ITA CHOKO)". Did you notice that the Kanji is deffer but the sound is the same. I should explain the meaning of Kanji "痛".

Why do we call the character item "痛アイテム(ITA item)"? For instance there are a lot of "痛車(ITASHA / character painted car)", "痛ギター(ITA guitar)", and so on.

痛い = ITAI

This is adjective to mean "ache" "hurt" "pain".
頭が痛い = ATAMA GA ITAI (my head hurts)

Now we talk often about Anime and Manga everyday everywhere, but originally Otaku was hated because it was regarded as very spooky person. So even if we would like Anime or game or Manga, we has been concealing the hobby (even now). And not Otaku people despise Otaku, saying "they're painful, pitiful". Yes, Otaku is painful. Probably it's painful people who have painful hobby ! So we, Otaku people call our items "painful item". That's 痛アイテム(ITA item). Japanese media talk often that Otaku is "A criminal or the reserve army", but the government is showing a policy "Cool Japan" to sell Japanese Otaku contents abroad, don't you think it's Funny Irony ? Otaku hobby is dangerous? Because it makes criminals. But Otaku contents is COOL !? Because it's sold abroad... I don't understand.

By the way, I talked about "memorial day" in the bonus video. March 9 is "the day of Hatsune Miku". So a lot of Vocaloid original songs and fan arts (drawing) are uploaded on internet in March 9 every year. But it's not her birthday. In Japan there are so many memorial days that are made by GOROAWASE, it's a kind of pun.

We read the number in several way.

1個 = IKKO (one of)
1時 = ICHIJI (1 o'clock)
1口 = HITOKUCHI (one bite)

2個 = NIKO (two of)
2時 = NIJI (2 o'clock)
2口 = FUTAKUCHI (2 bites)

3 = SAN, MI
4 = YON, YO, SHI
5 = GO, ITSU
6 = ROKU, MU

You can find MI in 3, and KU in 9. So March 9 is the day of MIKU. As same as this, the 29th every month is the day of meat. Because meat is NIKU. And the birthday of almost characters of ONE PIECE(manga) is decided by GOROAWASE. NAMI's birthday is July 3. Because 7 is NANA, 3 is MI. There are so many memorial days because of this !


I think I've never talked about this yet. I made BOOTH on the web to sell my CDs with mail order. (But you can buy data also)
Apocalypse on BOOTH

The newest album with SHINDEHAI is here.
You're my flower (Kanipan Version)

I'll go to "Comiket Special 6 -OTAKU SUMMIT-" in 3/28. It's convention event by Comiket group. As I talked before, Comiket is held 2 times per a year, in Summer and Winter. But "Comiket Special" is held once per 5 years. This time they are conscious "international". So it has subtheme "OTAKU SUMMIT" and some abroad circles will come.