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We play "Kancolle" and "Touken Ranbu" on DMM games.
Kancolle is the nickname of 艦隊これくしょん(Kantai Collection). The nickname of Touken Ranbu is "Tourabu". I'm going to talk about Tourabu today.

I've introduced Kancolle already in episode 8, as a "personification contents/products".

But it was a game for men (male Otaku) you know. Because Japanese warships are personified to girls in Kancolle. In addition, when the warships are damaged, the clothes that they're wearing are broken (and they're ashamed) ! Originally "DMM" is a web-site for adult (elder 18) contents ,like AV. So there is some sexual element in Kancolle also.

As well as it, Touken Ranbu is a game for adult, elder 18, but it's differ from Kancolle under the point of the target ! I mean this game is for female Otaku !

刀剣 TOUKEN = knife and sword
(刀 KATANA = knife 剣 TSURUGI = sword)
乱舞 RANBU = boisterous dance

So "Touken Ranbu" means "Sword Quiver", I think.

In this game Japanese historical knives and swords are personified to men. Are you wondering if there is female Otaku who likes swords ? The answer is YES ! Ah I'm not the person but there are many "female Otaku of history" and "Otaku of Japanese sword". Some people call them "Rekijo". Rekijo means "Girls who like history". (In a sense, woman who likes HETALIA is Rekijo. because the manga is talking about history of some countries)

歴史 REKISI = history
好き SUKI =like
女子 JOSHI =girl(s)

→歴史好き女子 REKISI ZUKI JOSHI = girl who likes history
(SUKI becomes ZUKI when it makes Compound word)

So some Rekijo have been interested in history and Japanese historical sword since before Touken Ranbu started. And this personification is "sword to boys/men". Female Otaku have been waiting for this game's beginning since the press release.

As I said in the video, an Japanese sword event was held last year and it collaborated with EVANGELION. The event was held in Paris also, so perhaps you've known this.

Evangelion and Japanese sword in Paris
Review of Evangelion and Japanese sword by a Spanish Manga Otaku

Because of this, people started to show their interest in Japanese sword.

(By the way, do you know that the name of character of EVANGELION came from Japanese warships and words about sea? EVANGELION collaborated with sword but rather it should collaborate with Kancolle, perhaps! XD There is "AYANAMI" "SHIKINAMI" "SOURYUU" "AKAGI" "MAYA" "HYUUGA" "AOBA"... on both !! Kanji is differ though. And "KATSURAGI" has never appeared on Kancolle for now but it might appear someday. But IKARI means Anchor, KAJI means rudder)

The game system is almost the same. It depends on your "luck" whether or not you can clear the difficult stage ! Of course you can raise probability with upbringing your ships. But in this system, you can't control anything while your fleet is fighting. What you can do is not playing but just praying !!!!

Anyway a lot of creators have begun to make some second creation about Touken Ranbu already. Even though the service started 2015/1/16. You can see it.
This is tweet about "三日月宗近(Mikazuki Munechika)". The class of sword is 太刀(Tachi).

The left photo is the result of Google image search "三日月宗近" in 2015/1/16. There are photos about the original sword "三日月宗近" itself. But the right one is the photo of the result of Google image search "三日月宗近" in 2015/2/16. You can see the difference. In 2/16 there is rarely the photo of the original sword, but there are a lot of illustration of the character "三日月宗近" in Touken Ranbu. It shows how the character is a big topic on internet. Because he is the rarest character in the game for now. So a lot of players want to get him but they can't get easily. So they spend much time to play and get him.

A MMDer made his MMD model. Beautiful.

Of course, not only MMD model, there are so many illustrations and Mangas as second creation or fan arts on internet. If you have an account of Pixiv, why don't you search "刀剣乱舞"? (the last link is the result of searching)
The company, NitroPlus is showing the guideline to make something on Doujin activity. For instance, you can sell your Doujinshi but it must be to up to 200 copies.

You can watch other Touken Ranbu MMD videos here

And I introduced "宗三左文字(Souza Samonji)" model in my video. This is the original character graphic.
The class of sword is 打刀(Uchigatana).

【当ホームページにはニトロプラスの許可の上でニトロプラスの著作素材を引用しております。これらは他への転載を禁じます。】 (C)Nitroplus all rights reserved, Reproduction prohibited.

And my friend Shimesaba made MMD model of this.

Of course, this also works on MMD. I mean he dances. Shimesaba is so fast at working on MMD. She makes so many models of One Piece, and she can make very cool stages ! You can watch her great works here.

Kancolle is a genre at Comiket already. I think Touken Ranbu also might become a genre of Doujin works. Now there are 500,000 players. And there are 25,000 illustrations on Pixiv. This is so huge but it has been increasing more and more everyday.

I think this is re-discovery of Japan by Japanese people. Everyone is not interested in history. But with playing these games, we get to know our history without lesson. I mean normally we STUDY history at school but almost students feel it boring. But in Touken Ranbu, there are some REAL battle fields. for example "桶狭間(OKEHAZAMA)". This is the place where 織田信長(Oda Nobunaga) fought against 今川義元(Imagawa Yoshimoto). It reminds us class of the history at school. Even a player who was a LAZY student begins to be interested in the history. So I feel this re-discovery. There is the same fact on Kancolle too.


Other topic !


We have the holiday in January 15th. Every year, the ceremony is held everywhere in Japan. People who become 20-age go there. This is traditional event, so participants wear 着物(KIMONO). As you know KIMONO is Japanese ethnic cloth. But we don't wear it generally. Because it's difficult to wear. It needs to learn about the structure and procedure professionally. So almost Japanese people can't wear it by themselves. We must order professional wearing staff.

There are several photos by Hinoko. She is 20 years old this year. So She provided these photos for this program. You can see how the wearing is bothering. Because there're so many clothes and precise order to wear. (click each photos and it shows bigger)

Even though you would wear in the precise order, it becomes ugly unfortunately unless training. It needs technique. X) So I can't wear KIMONO by myself.

We wear KIMONO at Seijinshiki and 七五三(Shichigosan) and 結婚式(Kekkonshiki : Wedding) etc. Even though KIMINO is our ethnic cloth, we wear it 3~5 times thought our life !! XD Ah of course there are some people wear KIMONO in their usual life. But this is very rare. And I'm talking about 振り袖(FURISODE) here. 浴衣(YUKATA) is also KIMONO but it's not "official". YUKATA is for summer festival, not for official ceremony.

About MMD Cup.
It's like championship of video using MMD. The event is held constantly on Nico. Now the 14th MMD cup is held !
I found a impressive video this time.

If you have played Final Fantasy Ⅵ and known "Phantom Train(Ghost Train)", please watch this !

MMD cup is very fun event every time !!