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ラーメン  Rahmen

I went to an event of Ramen in the last summer to introduce in this program. In my town, the Ramen even is held in every summer the past few years. Ramen is very famous food in Japan as you know, so some city holds some events like this to gather people.

There are many Ramen restaurant in Japan. The event organizer invites some of them, and put temporary shop in the park 3 days. We can eat and compare each Ramen. Then we find new favorite one. The shops can find new costumers.

But there are a lot of people every day, so we must wait 2 hours at the longest to eat ! XD

And there are so many kinds of "cup Ramen" also. It's called "instant Ramen".
IMG_20150127_000653-20I bought this for this program, because this is special in Japan.
It's not only Ramen but also collaboration with idol game "AIKATSU!".
(And it tastes MISO)

アイカツ(AIKATSU) is shortened word of "アイドル活動"
アイドル活動(AIDORU KATSUDOU) means "idol activity"

Ramen is not Japanese traditional food but Chinese. However "instant Ramen" is Japanese ”invention" and "idol anime and game" is also. So this collaboration is special in Japan, I feel.

IMG_20150127_001025-33By the way, there is a collective card in it. And this can be used at the game in arcade. I mean if I take this card and play the game, my idol character can wear this clothes. This game is for girls but some young men play to enjoy the acting by their favorite voice actress.
They are called "AIKATSU OJISAN".
おじさん(OJISAN) means "middle-aged man".
(old man is おじいさんOJIISAN.)

But players of "The IDOL M@STER" is not called "IDOL MASTER OJISAN". About "IDOL M@STER", the generic name of players is "アイマスP(AIMASU-P)".

アイマス(AIMASU) is shortened word of "idol master"
"P" means producer.

And you might know "ラブライブ!(LOVE LIVE!)" also as a idol anime & game. The generic name of players is "ラブライバー".


I mean there are 3 popular idol anime & games. So when we talk about one the those, "I watch a idol anime" and "I play a idol game" is not enough to explain. You should say "I'm a loveliver" or "I'm a Aimasu-P" or "I'm a Aikatsu-ojisan". Otherwise you can't start to talk about it.

Let's back to the topic of Ramen.
We have so many Ramen restaurant. But not only that, also have so many kinds of cup Ramen.

IMG_20150127_000104-06This is "instant UDON".
UDON and SOBA is traditional Japanese noodle.

IMG_20150127_000035-02And this is "instant YAKISOBA".
These "instant noodle" products take 3~5 minutes to cook. Of course it's more delicious to eat at restaurant but if you can't go and wait, then you can choose "instant" products.


By the way, I introduce a swede Mangaka.
Japanese mystery that a Northern Europe girl found

She lives in Japan and is studying design. And her web Manga will be released as book in near future. This Manga talks about "mystery in Japan" for foreign people. Japan is strange country, and Japanese is strange language. Sometimes, Even for Japanese ! XD So we can understand this and discover some new viewpoints. Her Manga and blog is written in Japanese, so you might not be able to read. But I hope this will be translated in English and other language someday. I think it will be fun for foreign people.