It's cold today !!!!!!
Anyway, happy new year everyone !!!!!!


Do you remember that I went to Summer Comiket and introduced about it once in my bonus video? And I was going to write detailed explanation here but I couldn't. But I went to Comiket again and I established my own booth so I report it today !!!

But at the first, I should talk about "the Winter in Japan".
In the Winter, so many illumination events are held everywhere in Japan. Faster one starts in November. And longest one continues until April for 5 months.
One day my father and brother came to my home and invited me to go some event.

This is an event called "Illumillion". It's far from my home, so I went at the very first time there. But It was very cool and beautiful event. ^^ It's the largest one in the eastern part of Japan.

Even though we're not Christian, we celebrate Christmas. But I think the custom is not the same as Christian's. Children wait present from Santa Claus. Young people have a party. Of course family also have. This is like Christian's custom, I imagine. But we eat KFC in Christmas !! Normally Christian eat turkey in Christmas, but we don't eat turkey but go to KFC (and eat chicken) ! XD

And after Christmas, we start to prepare for Seeing the old year out.

We clean our home (generally in 12/28).

大(OH) = big
掃除(SOUJI) = clean up

Then we eat SOBA of the New year eve.
年越し蕎麦(TOSHIKOSHI SOBA) -Wikipedia

The new year eve is called 大晦日(OHMISOKA) in Japanese.

At temples 除夜の鐘(JOYA NO KANE) rings out at of the new year eve's night. -Wikipedia
This is custom of Buddhism. The bell rings 108 times.
Why 108? What does it mean?
There are some opinions but it can be classified to roughly three types.
1. it means numbers of 煩悩(BON-NOU)
2. it means 1 year. 12months+24sekki+72kou
3. it means 四苦八苦(SHIKU HAKKU) 4(SHI)×9(KU)+8(HACHI)×9(KU)=108

On the TV, some special programs are televised.
For instance 紅白歌合戦(KOUHAKU UTAGASSEN). It's special music program for every new year eve. -Wikipedia

When the new year came, we go to shrine.
It's called 初詣(HATSU MOUDE).
初 = the first
詣 = to visit a shrine

12/25 is Christmas (event of christian)
12/31 we hear 除夜の鐘 (even of Buddhism)
01/01 we go to shrine (event of Shintoism)

We have 3 different religious events in this short period of time. And we eat various foods.

But I should introduce traditional Japanese food for new year.

The meaning of Kanji is
雑 = rough, various
煮 = boiling

Actually, to our surprise, there are too many different recipes for お雑煮 in Japan !!!
Look at this site. There are photos and recipes for various お雑煮. You can see the difference. I didn't know that it has such a many variations. And I think almost Japanese people didn't know this as same as me. (Because it was a topic of conversation on twitter on New Years this year) I think お雑煮 is a special menu that depends on the local. But we didn't know the fact because we didn't have internet before. Now we can see so many "reality" with using internet though. Almost Japanese people were thinking "Ozouni that I eat every time is general one" but it was wrong. I mean... there is no "general". From the first, the Kanji means "Various boiling". So it's "generally" various !! XD

Then I talk about the things you're waiting, Comiket !!!!

It's shortened word of "Comic Market".

同人サークル(DOUJIN Circle) :A person or Collaboration team for creation

Comiket is held 2 times a year. In the summer and in the winter. (Once, there was also Spring Comiket though) If we want to get our own booth, we must submit an application form and must pay the charge ¥8,500 a booth (half of the long desk). And it's decided by a lottery whether or not you can get your circle's booth.
Circles enter from about 7:30 A.M.and begin to prepare to sell their products until 10:00.At 10:00, the general public participants start to enter the hall !!
They are waiting outside while circles are preparing. This is the photo that a TV program staff shot the visitors from the sky. Winter Comiket 2014 recorded the most number of the visitors, 560,000 people in total.

I arrived my booth 7:40 A.M and set up.

By the way it was the about 5 times that I exhibited my booth at Comiket. So I brought my old products also. But the newest one is the album "You're my flower". You can buy it online, I think.
Here is my BOOTH

At Comiket, many people came to my booth, and I talked with them. It's rare situation to talk with fans face to face. And they bought our album.^^ I was very glad and !! Comiket is very huge and fun event. I'd like to get my booth at the next Comiket also.

There are many Cosplayers at コスプレ広場(KOSUPURE HIROBA). You can see photos on the web.

【#C87】The High-quality Cosplay at Winter Comiket 2014
【C87】Funny cosplay at winter Comiket 2014

I show the genre list here again.

You can see many "Eroge", you might think that the biggest genre is R18 contents at Comiket. But the biggest genre is "BL(Boys' love)" in a sense ! But it's not shown as the name "BL". For example, "comic for boys" "Prince of tennis" "Jump comics about ball sports" etc... There are so many "BL" Doujinshi in this genre.


I introduced some video and channel in this episode.

At first, the digest of "NNPP(Niconico Prima Pop)".

It's an event that I appeared as MC in May 2014. So many musicians gathered to play Niconico famous music together !! There were over 100 people on stage !! XD It was free to enter and see. But very big and fun ! Everyone was able to tweet listening to the performance. Normally we can't use mobile while listening to the performance at the live concert as manner. But at this event, officially it was allowed. Because it's important to be written comments real-time on Nico as you know. So we, even including players, were tweeting about what we were listening and seeing ! (Some players tweeted from the stage !! And audiences found the tweet and was surprised and tweeted about it... then tweet increased more and more). Finally over 4,000 tweets were left on twitter. This video is just a digest so you can't listen to any full size music, but some full sized music video might be upload perhaps in the future.

And the next I introduced my friend "Gourmet Demon", .

He likes cooking and DIY. Especially smoked bacon. He is very famous on Nico as a Demon cook as kind as an angel !! His explanation is always detailed and precise. Because he knows some failed cases when cooking. So he can teach us about it before we fail. There is no subtitles but I think it's funny video even for you.^^ He makes his own smoking box for bacon by himself !!! So his fans make smoking box and smoked foods watching his videos.

At last, I brought a news.

Once I participate other DOUJIN Circle "A-One" as a guest vocal 3 times. A-One is music DOUJIN Circle that makes TOHO EUROBEAT arrangement. I sang "Endless, Sleepless Night", "Anything for you", "Relight my fire". The first song "Endless, Sleepless Night" was made in August 2010, 4 years ago. But in August 2014, it was released as a playable song on "maimai" the rhythm game from SEGA. I think you already know "DDR" or "BeatMania" from KONAMI as Japanese rhythm game. "maimai" is a newer rhythm game and from SEGA. We can play it at only arcade. But there is a camera side of the machine and it shoot our playing and we can upload the video on Nico. So I went to arcade after a long interval and shot my playing video and uploaded ! This is it !^^ There are so many songs to play in the game, and there is degree of difficulty. I'm playing Lv 7 in this video but there are 2 more difficult mode for this song (Lv 9 and 11) !! I can't clear Lv 9 yet. But it's so fun !!!!! I enjoyed my own song !! XD I tried to shoot some video or photos in arcade to report here, but I couldn't because of the darkness !!!! It was too dark to shoot video or photos in arcade. But there are so many games and machine that I'd like to introduce. I want to make some episode about it someday. ^^