I introduce"Intellectual training" confections(sweets).
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What is "Educational" ?
It means "growing(bringing) up kids' intellectual curiosity".
Almost countries have "Educational toys" or "intellectual training toys". It grows up kids' intellectual curiosity with playing it.
For example what they can learn alphabets or numbers.

We call them 知育玩具(CHIIKU GANGU).

知育 = CHIIKU : intellectual training
玩具 = GANGU : toys

But we have confections too.

※ I introduced 菓子 at the last time too and I wrote the reading is "KASHI".
But if it holds another word before it, the reading changes to GASHI.
Ex) 和菓子(WAGASHI) : Japanese sweets
駄菓子(DAGASHI) : cheap sweets
お菓子(OKASHI) is polite expression of 菓子. In this case the reading doesn't change. O-KASHI.

At first I showed ねるねるねるね(NERU NERU NERU NE).
ねるねるねるね is the most famous 知育菓子.

I explain the meaning of the name.
ねる means "mix".
So the name means... "mix mix mix mi" XD

Ah but ねる(mix) is "練る" in Kanji.
寝る ←this is also ねる(NERU) but this Kanji means "sleep".
The same pronunciation but different meaning, different Kanji.
And different accent.
練る(NERU) accent(pitch) is  ̄_

寝る(NERU) accent(pitch) is _ ̄

So you can recognize the meaning with ear or Kanji not only the context.
(But "NERU-NERU-NERU-NE" accent is
    _ ̄   ̄ ̄   ̄― _       )

In addition, かし(KASHI) means lyrics too !!!!! (And there is no different of pitch accent)
So when we say KASHI, it means lyrics normally.
And we call sweets OKASHI normally.

Anyway I think that this is the most famous Intellectual training confection in Japan.
The TV commercial is also impressive and funny.

So this is famous for all generations.

The second I showed "Popin' Cookin'".
This is also included the series of NERU-NERU-NERU-NE. I mean the same company is producing.
And you can buy these on Amazon.
"Popin' Cookin'" search result on Amazon.com
"Popin' Cookin'" search result on Amazon.fr

I made "SUSHI" but it tastes so sweets and it has grape flavor.
I found this funny product. =)
ねるねるねるね is a very long seller product (since 1984) but Popin' Cookin' series is newer than ねるねるねるね.
So I played and ate it at the very first time for the video !!

And about bonus video.
Some friend talked me that the song of insects is a common feature of the autumn in Japan.
I agreed and we went to carch insects that sing in autumn night;

There are so many crickets !!!
(by the way there are many people who hate insects but I like almost insects except cockroach.)
And various insects that sing in autumn.
But recently we can't find "鈴虫(SUZUMUSHI :bell cricket)".

= SUZU small bell
=MUSHI insect

My friend said that SUZUMUSHI lives in only clean place now.
I mean somewhere far from artificial environment.
We went to a big park to find various insects but we couldn't find bell cricket.

This is a video of bell cricket. You can hear and see them

Now they are sold as a pet. It means we can hardly find them.

And this is voice of MATSUMUSHI.

We couldn't find MATSUMUSHI too.

Cicada sings in the daytime in summer and it's very noisy.
(Of course it's a common feature of summer)
I feel that song of insects in autumn is beautiful in comparison to cicada.
How do you feel ?