2017/06/25 The day was the 10th anniversary for me as a Video Uploader on Nico (うp主 -Upu-nushi-). Not Nico Singer (歌い手 -Utaite-). Because my first video was not singing video. But actually I uploaded my first singing video (歌ってみた -Utattemita-) in 2007/6/26, so almost this is 10th anniversary as a Nico Singer also.

I have made something for every anniversary since the beginning of my activity on Nico. As usual I made anniversary video for this year. I will talk about it before show you.

I think this is so high context. I guess that people who have never used Nico Nico Douga in 2007 don’t understand what I’m doing even Japanese. Although this is really historical one. So today I try to explain about this. You can see the history of Nico and me.


2006/12/12 Nico Nico Douga was born! (I started to use soon!) But at first the site was not the same as today’s. All video was EMBEDDED from Youtube. We can post comments and these comments flowed from the right to the left on the embedded video. All Nico Nico Douga had to do was to provide server only for text at the time. There was no server to video streaming. Because they just embedded and it worked well and people were really excited for the service. The person who got this idea was a operator of the huge BBS "2ch". So this system is called "thread video". But if you want to show your video for Nico users, you had to upload your video on Youtube and embed it on Nico from Youtube.
March 2007, Youtube cut all connection from Nico off because of too much traffics (a data communication amount). Nico Nico Douga was already fashionable for “Underground internet users”. That made a lot of views of Youtube video “on Nico”. It’s embedded, you know. So Youtube refused all the connection to embed from Nico Nico Douga! Then we were not able to watch almost video on Nico anymore understandably !!

2007/3/6 Nico Nico Douga started their own video server “Smile Video”. We came to be able to upload videos on Nico directly instead of embed. But at first there were only few people who upload their own video. I mean there were so many “re-upload (without permission by the original uploader on Youtube)” from Youtube at first.

But we found some videos “only for Nico” like this.
新・豪血寺一族 -煩悩解放 – レッツゴー!陰陽師
(Shin Gohketsuji Itchizoku “Let’s go! On Myo Ji”)

You can see the text “sm*****” at the last of URL of Nico videos. This is serial numbers of the videos on “Smile Video Server”. So now you see that this video “sm9” is one of the oldest video on Smile Video Server. And this is really famous on Nico even now and this video was not uploaded on Youtube. We needed to go to Nico to watch this. (And you can do “Nico surfing” with just rewrite the part “sm*****” in URL. ;) )

Now please imagine this : If there would be only embedded videos from Youtube and the specialty is only that we can write comments “on the video”, in addition to this, there were too many users to watch videos without delay because of band limiting, then do you want to use Nico Nico Douga not Youtube? Even though you can watch almost videos comfortably on Youtube!?

I mean Nico Nico Douga had to have “special videos” that don’t exist on Youtube or people enjoy to post comments, when they made Smile Video Server. This “needs” is not only for the site operators of Nico but for users. This becomes the reason why people use Nico not Youtube. Nico users have already found how to enjoy Nico Nico Douga with using the system of comments and they noticed that they should stock a lot of special contents on Nico. Because it will call more people. So as for the beginning people re-uploaded famous videos from Youtube (without any permission), but special video on Nico increased bit by bit and we even made a lot of special “culture” and “fashion” only on Nico. I will show some huge fashion (perhaps you know) on Nico in early 2007 now!!

◆Case 1 : Yu-Gi-Oh! MAD
(Draw!! Monster card!!!)

The 117th video was this. This is the scene of episode 162 from "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" the anime. Yu-gi was really angry so used the card “Berserker soul”. You know Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has “turn” system. I mean players(duelists) “draw” his card in turn. But this card “Berserker soul” is like a cheat! As far as the player draw monster card from his deck, his turn continues! Yu-Gi-Oh! is famous Manga/Anime/TCG but not all Japanese people know the full episodes and precise rule of the game. But this scene is impressive for everyone. Almost people know “turn” system and understand that this is tricky.
Now I have to say something sad… No matter what happens Japanese people make “MAD” videos when they found some “Elements”!! So here came a Yu-Gi-Oh! MAD boom. Like this.

(This video is re-upload without permission but there is no original on Nico anymore)
Anyway people made a lot of MAD video using this scene.

◆Case 2 : TOHO

(Marisa wa taihen na mono wo nusundeikimashita -Marisa stole the great thing-)

The 511th video was this. It made TOHO and TOHO MAD popular. Actually this is re-upload from IOSYS's site.
This is the official by IOSYS on Youtube. (2006/11/16)

In now TOHO is popular even for foreign Otaku but it was quieter until 2007. TOHO’s contents (music and game) was known only by Doujin Otaku until “Marisa boom”. 2007/3/6 this video was uploaded on Nico and TOHO fans posted many comments and some users began to make MAD. (yes, again)
In the case of Yu-Gi-Oh! MAD, MAD creators chose their favorite song to make a MAD and mixed Yu-gi’s voice on it. But in Marisa boom, this is already a song. So MAD creators chose their favorite character or “line (words, voice)” in anime and mixed on Marisa.

This is “Marisa & Keyboard crasher”

(Key board crusher also was fashion)

This is “Marisa & Windows XP”

TOHO series is made by ZUN. Originally he began to make shooting games with “Moe” characters to make people listen his original music. And he raised guideline that says people can arrange his music and even sell without contact. So many Doujin composers have been making TOHO arrangement album until now. Because TOHO's second creation guideline is rare case in Japan. Here is not “fair use”. Normally we can’t make arrangement and sell it without permissions (and fee sometimes) by the claimant. But ZUN is differ at this point. We don’t need to contact or to pay to ZUN when we make TOHO arrangement and sell it. So TOHO was already boom in Doujin world. Doujin composers bought ZUN’s game or CD and make arrangement, Doujin Otaku bought both of that. “Marisa stole the great thing” is also arrangement by IOSYS (Doujin circle, company). This is an arrangement of “Ningyō Saiban” and “Colorful Path”. “Marisa MAD boom” made TOHO really famous even outside of Doujin world. And the fact made TOHO famous even outside of Japan.
Ningyoh Saiban (original version by ZUN)

Colorful Path (original version by ZUN)

Now there are 2400 Marisa MAD videos on Nico and we can find it easily with tag. But this is too many to watch all !

◆Case 3 : Yu-Gi-Oh! MAD 2 2007/5/13,15

(Kaiba wa taihen na komando nyuuryoku wo shiteikimasita -Kaiba input the great command)

※This video is already deleted. Here is the captured video on Youtube.

Another “Yu-Gi-Oh! MAD” boom came! This is episode 129. Kaiba used the card “Enemy Controller”. If player uses this card, he can control monster of adversary with inputting a command. He said “Hidari! Migi! A! B!” to input command “Key to left! Key to right! A! B!”. This is the “Element sounds” for MAD. And it was mixed with Marisa. So this is hybrid of case 1-2 in a sense! But this made MAD creators notice that they find a new Elements for MAD. It's “Kaiba’s voice to use Enemy controller”. So this became a new series. When we want to watch “Marisa MAD”, there is tag “Marisa series”. But now “Enemy controller MAD series” is born! This is called “ENECON”.

◆Case 4 : Kumikyoku 2007/6/23

Kumikyoku “Nico Nico Douga”

“Nico Nico Medley” boom came! The pioneer was “SIMO”. He has made some famous Nico Nico medleys. Kumikyoku (suite) was his second work and the great one that made him famous as an arranger. Kumikyoku boom had continued since 2007/6 until 2007/9 mainly. And it’s a legend of Nico. So even now users love it and watch and post comments everyday. Now it has 10 million views. When it was buzz, so so many users approached it by their own way. I mean Nico singers tried to sing by their way, Nico instruments players played his musical instruments (various!!).

Here is English Wikipedia page about Kumikyoku
You can see the song list and following medley. I’m sure that now you understand why the medley has “Let's Go! Onmyōji “, “Fang of Critias (the BGM of Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 162)” and “Marisa”. I didn’t explain every song in Kumikyoku but all songs that is included in Kumikyoku was fashionable in 2007/3-2007/6 like these.

Kumikyoku boom was one of the biggest fashion in Nico history. There are 4500 videos about Kumikyoku on Nico.
Even Kumikyoku by “Automatic Mario” video exists !!

(Digression : Automatic Mario series is video series about remodeled (illegal modification) SUPER MARIO WORLD. This boom was also in 2007-2008. I think that this boom is not unrelated to “MARIO MAKER” in 2015. I mean the boom was so huge that NINTENDO decided to make a new game soft that players can make a field. Of course NINTENDO have never referred about the boom of the videos of remodeled SUPER MARIO WORLD on Nico until now. But the boom was so huge that we guess so.
Here is the re-uploaded video of buzz of remodeled SUPER MARIO WORLD in 2008.

Anyway I wanted to say that even video maker of remodeled SUPER MARIO WORLD subscribed to the fashion of Kumikyoku. Because originally they were far from music video. But this shows how Kumikyoku was influential.)
Kumikyoku with "MARIO Sequencer")
It reminded me that there was a buzz of MARIO Sequencer in 2007.

MARIO sequencer software

In the time when Kumikyoku was fashionable, also many “Mixer” worked. They made “Mixed video”. For instance, a mixer mixed his favorite 5 singers’ Kumikyoku, on the other hand another mixer mixed another 10 singers. So many “My favorite Kumikyoku singers remix” videos were born. At the latest stage of this boom, a historical Mixed video was uploaded.
Kumikyoku Grand Finale

Here is used not only a lot of Kumikyoku singers but also a lot of musical instruments players. So it sounds like orchestra. People who love Kumikyoku (no matter he is singer or listener) gathered to this video and were excited every night. It was deleted by some claimant later but the views increased quickly until the time. (And when it was deleted, people were really angry, sad)

◆My history as Utaite
Finally I can write about this. I really like Karaoke since I was a junior high school student. And I used to record my singing to cassette tape to listen it and find solution to sing better since the same age.
In 2005, I started to record my singing with PC at my home. And uploaded the data on internet. There was no Nico yet. So in those days we used BBS (2ch) to listen or show singing data each other with Karaoke fans on internet.
I found Nico Nico Douga 2006/12/15. But at the time we were not able to upload video on Nico as I wrote before, and I felt that it’s strange to upload singing video on Nico or Youtube at that time. Karaoke BBS was a community for Karaoke fans. So it was like matching system for people who want to sing and show their singing and who want to listen other one’s singing. And Nico users didn't seem to like listening to other one’s singing. So I didn’t think about uploading my singing on Nico until 2007/6.

In June 2007 what did change my mind? I explain. As I wrote above, Nico users made special buzz on Nico since Smile Video Server started in March 2007. Then I found some fashionable songs on Nico that I want to sing like "Airman ga taosenai".

Then I felt that it’s strange to upload my singing of Nico fashionable songs to Karaoke BBS. This is opposite as before but very logical, don't you think so? Because these are not the same community. And there were some Utaite already in June 2007. If someone sings Nico fashionable song and upload on Nico, a fixed Nico users enjoy it. I saw and found the fact. So I decided to upload to Nico when I sang some Nico fashionable song.

I uploaded “Kumikyoku Utattemita” in 2007/7/15. (This video was deleted later. Now you can watch the same thing here.)

And at Marisa Part and also other TOHO part, I sang “Enemy controller MAD”. And my voice was featured in Grand Finale. So many people regarded me as “Enemy controller Utaite”. I really like the series of Enemy controller MAD. At first Nico Nico Douga was “open (no need account)” but now we need account. I got my account to watch ENECON MAD at first!!! (I’m using the third account now) So I sang ENECON in Kumikyoku but there is hardly Utaite who sang ENECON MAD in Kumikyoku except me. I sang many “ENECON MAD” full size after Kumikyoku. Nico users in those days were pleased my videos and they regarded me as “ENECON Utaite” even more. My “ENECON Utattemita” videos had ranked high on Nico. Even now old Nico users regard me as “ENECON Singer”. Because normally Utaite don’t sing MAD. (I sing MAD normally!)

Here is the list of videos that I uploaded on Nico for this 10 years.

You can see how many videos I uploaded. Yes, probably I’m Mad in the another mean also ! XD I’m not only one of the few Utaite who sing MAD, but also one of the few video maker who make over 2000 videos on Nico. This might be Mad. (I don’t know truth though. Because mad person is so mad that he doesn't regard himself as mad) Anyway I considered what I should do for my 10th anniversary and decided to make something “old” and “Very me”. So I recorded ENECON MAD what I have sung before again! Completely new ENECON utattemita!!

So I think people who got to know me on Youtube recently don’t understand what I’m singing in this anniversary video.

But now you understand why I did this. Of course there is the another case. Actually when I went to France in this spring, Sasha talked to me that she have known me as “ENECON Utaite”. At the time she didn’t understand why I say “Hidari! Migi! A! B!” in the video that she had watched before but actually she had watched some video that I do ENECON. I don’t know which it is but my ENECON Utattemita video had many views on Nico and perhaps was re-uploaded on Youtube by someone, so I think she watched it in the past. I think this is rare case though. That’s why I was really surprised when she talked to me about it.

I enjoy MAD videos on Nico even now. To describe in an extreme manner, I watch ONLY MAD or other equivalent videos on Nico!! XD
If you’re interested in MAD videos, I can introduce my favorite. ;) Oh, I remember that my first video on Nico was a MAD (Marisa & GUNDAM)!! XD