Let's start today's lesson !!


Hi, everyone !!
Today I teach you how to cook curry. Do you like curry? How about Japanese curry?
Curry is from India originally but old Japanese people arranged it to suit it to their preference of taste. (Japanese people always arrange any meals though !!) I cook curry rice once per a month. And I cooked even at France while staying for conventions this month. At the time some members of VoxMakers ate it ! ^^
I thought I should tell them how I cook curry usually if they really like it. Then they can recreate definitely same curry as I cook. So I made this video !

00.Prepare ingredients

■Essential ingresients
Potato 3-5 (it depends on the size)
Carrot 2-3
Onion 2
Meat (I use chicken breasts usually) 300g

■Optional ingredients
Paprika 2
Tomato 3
Mushroom 4-6
Boiled beans
※You can use eggplant and zucchini in summer !

Salt & Pepper
Laurel 3 leaves
Mixed spices
Curry powder

■Curry roux
甘口(Mild) 1 box
中辛(Medium spicy) 1 box

01.Wash & Pare

Wash potatoes and carrots and pare it. Peel onions and wash it.
About tomatoes paprika mushroom, just wash.


Cut potatoes and carrots bite size. But potatoes should be larger than carrots a bit. Because potatoes melt while boiling.

Put in a tapper and heat with a microwave oven about 1-2 minute (500W). Then put it in a pot with 1.4 liter water and boil over high heat 5-7 minutes.
If you use only essential ingredients, water quantity is 0.9 liter.

Then you can see scum. Remove and trash scum with ladle. Then stop boiling and leave it.

Cut onions, paprika, mushrooms small.

Peel tomatoes' skin in boiling water and cut in the vat. (Watch the video to know how to peel in boiling water)

03.Saute and Boil

At first saute onion, paprika, mushroom over medium heat 5 minutes. Then add meat. But you should not saute meat well here. Grill only the surface. While sauting, sprinkle salt and pepper, spices, curry powder. Quantity of salt and pepper, spice is a bit, curry powder is 1 spoonful.

Put onion+paprika+mushroom+meat+tomato in the pot that you boiled potato+carrot. Put 3 laurel leaves. Boil 10-12 minutes over medium heat (close the lid).

04.Mix curry roux

Stop boiling or weaken heat to lowest.

Take curry roux mild and medium half and half. Mild 4 blocks, medium 4 blocks.

At first melt "mild" 1 block using ladle and chopsticks as I did in the video. After melting "mild" 1 block, melt "medium" 1 block.
1 by 1, one after the other, melt 8 blocks.

Put boiled beans finally. Completed !