I'm coming France.
I'm writing this article in the car heading to Belgium. :)
I talked with SHINDEHAI about the differences between Japan and France. This is the 2nd times that I came France so I found some differences between our countries. But it's difficult to explain, because it's about "comfort to live". It can be found only when a person lived 2 countries and compared. Even though I explain to SHINDEHAI, he might not be able to understand really the differences because he has never been to Japan.

Anyway remember that this is not criticizing for France. I just refer to the differences. ALWAYS.

For instance we discussed about "public toilets".
Before I left Japan I've heard that French public toilet is not free or "free but dirty, sometimes there's no toilet seat" so if I want to use toilet when I'm walking in city I should enter some cafeteria and order something, then I may use the toilet in the cafeteria. This is the best way for "comfort". This information is written on many web sites about travel in France. So I was thinking that this is a common sense even for French people. SHINDEHAI said that there are free public toilets also in France. But is it comfortable to use ? That's the question.

In Japan the toilet seat is warm. It's impossible that there is no toilet seat. But I've never seen warming seat in France ever until now. I've used the toilet that have no seat and it was shocking a bit. And there's no "Washlet". We have warming seat and "Washlet" even in public toilets. So not only there is public toilets everywhere but also it's always free (we never need to pay to use toilets) and clean and warm and sometimes it's "Washlet".

I think Japanese people had made everything comfortable too much. So toilet is only just 1 case. Everything about living is getting more and more comfortable. To cook, to take a bath, to eat, to buy something etc. Everything is comfortable and convenience. And because of that Japanese people feel difficulties and find many things uncomfortable while traveling abroad. This is a problem in a sense. Because it means that Japanese people can't adapt the environment outside of Japan ! XD

I'm interested in that how French people feel when they come to Japan and live for a while. There are so many choices and options that you can choose and you don't know yet. It's too many that you can't imagine. This is the character of Japan. Even some foreigner who had adapted Japan decide to live through his life, because it's too much comfortable to leave...

Next I refer to what exists in France but not in Japan. I think it's holidays !!!! I mean we have holidays but it does not work well. Japanese people are always working and spoiling their sleeping time. Yes, this is the material of "comfortable life" !! XD

I've heard about holiday in France. Sunday people have holiday and almost shops are closed. And Saturday and Monday is also holiday and people choose "Sat and Sun" or "Sun and Mon" (this is like the title of Pokémon XD) for holiday. But in Japan many shops are open even Saturday and Sunday. In France if you buy something at pharmacy Sunday, it might be quite expensive (double). But in Japan we can buy anything as weekdays. Shops are open and price is the same.

So I found that "comfort is reward of the time that people work without rest". I think French people rest at Sunday together. So sometimes people might feel inconvenience and I know there is options less than Japan, but they can rest !! It's quite opposite of Japan. Actually I think Japanese people should rest more though. XD