This is traditional Japanese exercise "Radio Exercise".

Bonus video is here

This is the first time that I introduce about Japanese sports.
I think you already know Japanese traditional sports SUMOU.
This is it.

↓ Here is an explanation with white character.
※This is just a parody video with effects.
↑ Here is an explanation with white character.

But I thought I should introduce some general sports this time.
Then I noticed there is SO SO general culture about sports in Japan.
It's Radio Exercise.

ラジオ(RAJIO) : Radio
体操(TAISOU) : Exercise

Why radio?
Because this was a radio contents at first.
Even now this music plays every morning about 6:00 A.M on radio.
And many Japanese people gather and do this exercise together listening to the music with radio at park.

Japanese people learn this choreography when they are children (6 years old).
And we do this so many times through their life. For example at "sports festival" at school.
It's held in spring or autumn (or either) every year. So we do "Radio Exercise" at least once a year.
(This is the example)

And there is a stamp card like this.
IMG_9054How to use:
We take this to the part every morning when go to do Radio Exercise.
And after the exercise, adult staff stamps on it.
If you could get all stamps, you can get rewards (confections).
So children go to the park every morning !
I think you can understand why all we can do and remember this exercise now ! XD

I performed only "Radio Exercise No.1".
But there is also No.2.
You can watch the choreography of No.2 here.

There are some people who can't do No.2 but I think all Japanese people can do No.1.
It depends on the school.
My primary school taught us the choreography of No.2.
But my friend (she shot the video and photos for this episode) can't do No.2.
She talked me that she didn't learn the choreography of No.2 at her school.
(This was a discovery for me in a sense ! XD)

There is a funny anecdote about "Radio Exercise".
Japanese people have been doing Radio Exercise before of the beginning of the WW2.
After the end of the WW2, GHQ ordered people not to do Radio Exercise.
Because they misunderstood. They thought it was a military training exercise.
But it was just a daily work for Japanese people.
Some Japanese people (not child) do it every morning for their health at the park.
They don't invite someone or aren't invited by someone.
They gather park naturally and start Radio exercise 6:00 A.M (It's the time of the program on radio).
But this is very strange for GHQ.
They couldn't imagine how it was possible.
But I say just "this is characteristic of Japanese people".

Some companies and factories let workers do this as warming‐up every morning.

Ah at last, I think you should watch this !!!!!
This is Radio Exercise No.4.

※Of course we can't do No.4. This is a parody.

Why I weared such a pink suit ?
Because "the United Nations" gave me this !
We can't refuse the order from the United Nations, you know !!

...But it's just handle name of my friend. XD 国連(KOKUREN) : the United Nations

And bonus video is about 安芸の宮島(AKI NO MIYAJIMA) and other spots in Hiroshima.
My friend living in Hiroshima sent me this videos and photos !

安芸(AKI) is a name of the place.
But the sound is the same as 秋(AKI / autumn).
So this is the scenery of 秋の安芸の宮島(AKI NO AKI NO MIYAJIMA : AKI NO MIYAJIMA in autumn).